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At Atlantic Restoration, we take pride in offering a wide range of comprehensive parking garage services designed to cater to all your needs. Our expertise extends to repairs, restoration, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring your parking facility remains in optimal condition. With years of experience in the field, our dedicated team is well-versed in our parking garage services:

  • Traffic Coatings
  • Expansion Joints
  • Water Repellents
  • Concrete Repairs
  • Traffic Barriers
  • Structural Repairs
  • Crack Repairs

parking garage services parking garage services

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parking garage services parking garage services

Look at the Construction Process from Every Angle

We know the importance of keeping a garage flowing during construction. Because we are familiar with all types of parking garage construction we are able to quickly diagnose problems and come up with realistic solutions. We offer a turn around with unbeatable timelines and unmatched warranties.

Concrete Repairs Can Be Done with Minimal Disturbance

With the right preparation and the right equipment we are able to remove damaged concrete and replace it with new high strength repair mortars. This strategic process can allow traffic driving over the repairs in as little as one hour after application. We also repair cracks in the concrete using epoxy binders that weld broken concrete back together.

parking garage services parking garage services
parking garage services parking garage services

Ensures a Long Lasting Structure

Using academic training along with extensive field experience we can quickly diagnose and repair material failure and get your garage back in working order. We take a unique approach in our garage inspections seeking out and identifying liabilities. ARC has a certified team of coating applicators and can prepare a surface and install new coatings designed to last with minimal downtime. Our extensive planning will allow the highest number of parking stalls to remain open, allowing the garage to act as functional as possible during the restoration process.

Parking Garage Capabilities

Traffic coatings are essential capabilities in parking garages, offering enhanced durability to withstand the constant stress of vehicular traffic. These coatings provide a protective layer that guards against chemical spills, abrasions, and the damaging effects of UV radiation. Moreover, they contribute to improved traction, reducing the potential for accidents caused by slippery surfaces. By selecting appropriate traffic coatings, parking facility managers can ensure the safety of users while simultaneously reducing long-term maintenance costs.

In the realm of parking garage capabilities, expansion joints play a critical role in maintaining structural integrity. These joints accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of concrete due to temperature fluctuations, preventing the formation of cracks and structural damage. Properly installed and maintained expansion joints enable the concrete to adjust without compromising its stability. Regular inspection and maintenance of these joints are vital to preventing potential issues and ensuring a smooth driving experience within the garage.

Water repellents are a fundamental feature in parking garages that help safeguard against moisture-related damage. The infiltration of water into concrete can lead to corrosion of reinforcing materials and compromise the structure’s strength over time. Water repellent treatments create a protective barrier that prevents water from permeating the surface, thus extending the garage’s lifespan and reducing maintenance needs. Additionally, these treatments contribute to maintaining a clean appearance by minimizing the absorption of stains and dirt.

Concrete repairs are a vital capability in parking garages, aimed at prolonging the facility’s longevity and ensuring user safety. Over time, concrete can deteriorate due to factors such as freeze-thaw cycles, chemical exposure, and heavy traffic loads. Effective concrete repair strategies, including crack repairs and patching, prevent minor issues from escalating into major structural problems. Implementing proactive maintenance measures not only minimizes disruptions but also safeguards the parking garage as a valuable investment.

Trust Atlantic Restoration for unparalleled expertise and dedication that breathe new life into your cherished buildings.

Traffic barriers are integral capabilities within parking garages that enhance safety and traffic control. These barriers guide vehicles safely through the facility, preventing collisions and maintaining an organized flow of traffic. Well-designed barriers also provide protection for pedestrians and structural components. Incorporating appropriate traffic barriers within the parking garage layout is essential to creating a secure and efficient environment for both drivers and pedestrians.

Structural repairs stand as a cornerstone capability for parking garages, ensuring the overall integrity of the facility. Addressing structural issues promptly helps prevent further deterioration and potential safety hazards. Structural repair methods, such as reinforcement and retrofitting, restore the garage’s load-bearing capacity and extend its operational life. Regular assessments and necessary repairs contribute to maintaining a structurally sound parking facility for the long term.

Cracks in parking garage concrete can be indicative of underlying issues that, if left unattended, can lead to severe structural problems. Crack repairs are essential capabilities that mitigate the long-term consequences of such issues. These repairs prevent water infiltration, reinforcing steel corrosion, and further cracking. By promptly addressing cracks, parking facility owners can avoid costly repairs, maintain user safety, and uphold the overall functionality of the garage.

what I customers think of us

Honesty, integrity & experience

“I am the property manager for a luxury condominium in the Boston area that engaged the services of Ted Fernald of Atlantic Restoration.

We had a completed the restoration of a garage surface of had significant damages. Our engineer met with Ted on a weekly basis to go over each repair and then checked the quality of his work. Ted was very cooperative with the residents throughout the project and cooperated fully with our staff and the valet company hired to transport vehicles to and from the garage. If you have a difficult project that needs Ted’s expertise, I would recommend Atlantic Restoration for your next project.”

Barry Quinlan, The Copley Group
“Atlantic Restoration is a preferred vendor for Greater Boston Properties due to their timely and efficient service. Regardless of the scope, all work performed by this firm is thoroughly planned and executed.”
Tim Paoli, Greater Boston Properties

“Please allow this letter to serve as my formal recommendation of Mr. Ted Fernald and the Atlantic Restoration Corp.

62P Montvale Ave, Stoneham, MA 02180. Mr. Fernald’s firm has performed several projects designed and administered under my supervision. All were performed with expert craftsmanship, on time, and on budget. Ted’s personal integrity as well as his competence and dependability are instrumental to his ability to generate new business as a result of the recommendations from satisfied clients. Please feel free to contact my office should you require additional information.”

Daniel A. McLaughlin, WorldTech Engineering, Woburn, MA

“I have had the pleasure of working with Atlantic restoration since its inception. I find Ted to be very knowledgeable and responsive. It has been a delight to work with Ted and his crews. Everyone is always professional and extremely helpful.”

Building Manager, Seal Harbor Condos, Winthrop, MA

“I just wanted to say, that Atlantic is doing a great job at the building.

I was home on Friday, and caught one of the guys before he left. He was kind enough to show me what they had done on the North side – extensive work – and explain what they are finding in other areas. He also had some interesting feedback about the windows, so I am not sure if they will put any of their findings in writing – but that may help us with grounds to push for owners to have them replaced (or have them inspected). He was actually concerned that the condition of the windows would undermine the work they are doing on the masonry.

I thought I would share that with you and the Board, and if you speak with Atlantic you can pass on my compliments regarding the crew. They were even on-site all weekend, working on the East (ocean) side.”

Condo Association, 285 Lynn Shore Dr, Lynn, MA

“Shortly after we agreed on a contract with Atlantic for work on the south elevation there was a significant storm that caused damage to a different elevation, previously restored by another waterproofing company. Ted’s team immediately engaged an engineer which identified significant issues with some of the work previously performed. With the engineer’s report in hand the scope was completely revamped to address the most serious needs of the building – stopping water infiltration and preventing additional damage to the structure of the building, while remaining sensitive to our limited budget.

Ted’s knowledge of the products and his willingness to share this knowledge really helped our Board and owners understand what needed to be done to restore our building. His flexibility, pricing, ongoing communication, and honesty made it easy as a Board member to oversee this project.”

John Casamassima, Gumball Condo Trust

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