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When you are in the property management business, it is essential to keep your buildings looking clean and attractive. While most property managers hire professional cleaners like to keep the inside of their buildings spotless, many forget that it is just as important to hire professionals to handle their exterior building maintenance needs. Zerorez can help you out in both interior and exterior home improvement services. According to Cleanbee.ie, cleaning the outside of your building serves three important functions: to spot potential problems early on before they become expensive repairs, to keep property value and up and to improve performance and ROI. The best property managers take a great deal of pride in the appearance of their property and have it cleaned frequently.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Solution for Your Exterior Materials

One of the most important steps you can take when hiring professionals (browse this site to know more about them) to clean your building is to determine what type of cleaning is appropriate for your exterior materials. Not all cleaning options are appropriate or effective for all material types. Some of your most common choices include:

• Pressure washing
• Grit blasting
• Aluminum oxide blasting
• Steam cleaning
• Acid cleaning
• Hand scrubbing
• Sponge-jet cleaning
• Aluminum oxide blasting
• Dry ice blasting

Some of these cleaning solutions are harsh or simply not practical. No property manager wants to hand scrub their entire building, and some of the other cleaning solutions listed here could cause damage to certain types of materials.

Pressure washing is one of the most frequently-suggested cleaning solutions in https://neatcleaning.com.au/ site for most exteriors. It is a quick and thorough solution to your building maintenance needs and can get into areas that might be difficult to reach with other cleaning methods.

waterproofing B A
Waterproofing to combat mold growth

Exterior Materials That Can Be Pressure Washed

Pressure washing is safe for almost all exterior materials including marble, travertine, stone, brick, granite, block, wood, vinyl and more. It can also be used to clean up other exterior surfaces such as windows, store fronts, sidewalks, awnings and even canopies. When it comes to keeping the outside of your building clean, pressure washing is one of the most effective and versatile cleaning methods you can use. It can also be done quickly and can be used for degreasing purposes by simply adding a degreasing formula to the pressure washing machine.

Pressure washers can put out a lot of power, with some reaching operating pressure as high as 3,500 psi. Professional washers will take your cleaning goals and exterior materials into consideration when choosing how much power is appropriate to use when pressure washing your building.

We Can Make Your Building Spotless

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