Industrial and commercial floors are regularly subjected to high levels of traffic that may include regular foot traffic as well as heavy machinery and equipment. Due to the many abuses that most commercial floors experience, they need to be made from sturdy and reliable material. Epoxy seamless floor coatings are commonly seen in industrial settings and may be the right choice for your commercial building as well. Here are the top five benefits epoxy flooring can offer in a commercial environment:

1. Durability

Durability is one of the strongest features associated with epoxy floor coatings. Not only is epoxy flooring resilient enough to support the weight of very heavy equipment and industrial machinery, but it is also tough enough to withstand damage from chemicals and surface abrasions. For these reasons and more, many consider it to be the ideal floor coating for warehouses, showrooms and any area where forklifts and other heavy equipment is frequently used.

2. Worry-Free Maintenance

Seamless floor coatings are ridiculously easy to maintain and keep clean. Due to the absence of cracks and porous surfaces that are common with some other types of flooring, it is easy to clean epoxy flooring with a simple broom, mop and some gentle cleaner. Epoxy flooring is also stain-resistant, which further helps to simplify the cleaning process while keeping your commercial space attractive and stain-free.

3. Concrete Protection

As sturdy as concrete flooring can be, it is also highly susceptible to sudden impact damage and abrasion. Additionally, the porous nature of concrete is irresistible to stains and can cause your industrial flooring to look blemished and chronically dirty over time. Thankfully, you can keep your concrete flooring in good condition by covering it with an epoxy coating that will give it extra durability and protection from both damage and stains.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

Seamless floor coatings come in many different designs and styles that feature an attractive, high-gloss finish. Whether you prefer the consistent appearance of a single color or you want to incorporate attractive decorative patterns into your flooring, your design options are nearly endless.

5. Affordability

Epoxy floor coating is an affordable solution for businesses that want to make improvements without exceeding their budget. It is also one of the most cost-effective flooring options available, thanks to its long lifetime and minimal maintenance needs.

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When it comes to commercial flooring, seamless floor coatings deserve a second look. If you value durability, ease of maintenance, beauty and affordability, epoxy flooring may be the ideal solution for your needs. To find out more about the various high-quality floor coating designs we offer here at Atlantic Restoration, give us a call at (617) 622-5946 today!

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