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    Atlantic Restoration expertly repaired the shifted capstone at the historic Lamont Library in Cambridge, Massachusetts, preserving its historical significance and ensuring long-term structural integrity. Their meticulous craftsmanship seamlessly integrated the restored capstone with the library's grand facade, showcasing their commitment to architectural excellence.

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    Atlantic Restoration demonstrated their expertise in historic preservation with a successful project at the Corcoran House in Clinton, Massachusetts. Through flashing repair and joint sealant removal and replacement, they skillfully protected the architectural integrity of this cherished landmark, ensuring both its structural stability and historical significance for generations to come.

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    Atlantic Restoration demonstrated their expertise in concrete work, crack sealing, and masonry restoration at the Executive House in Quincy, Massachusetts. With meticulous attention to detail, they revitalized the building, ensuring structural integrity and enhancing its visual appeal.

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    Atlantic Restoration excelled in joint sealant and waterproofing work at the Adams Place Condos in Quincy, Massachusetts. With precision and expertise, they safeguarded the building's structural integrity and protected it from moisture, ensuring lasting durability and resident satisfaction.

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    Discover the full range of capabilities offered by Atlantic Restoration from waterproofing to masonry and more. Trust our skilled team to handle any issue.

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    From commercial properties to historic buildings, engineering firms to general contractors, we have the expertise and experience to meet the restoration needs of any project.

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    Browse our portfolio of completed projects, from historic building restorations to advanced concrete installations. We provide expert general contracting services to clients throughout the Northeast.